implantological thinking and performing at the highest level
       exclusively for NVOI registered implantologists

iCademy is a platform of courses, presented by The Dutch Foundation of Oral Implantology (NSOI) and developed especially for dentists and dental surgeons who are highly experienced implantologists and have been registered as recognized implantologists. Once a year a leading scholar from the Netherlands or from abroad is invited to speak about a specific subject on the basis of scientifically established facts and their implications for daily practice.

The venue of the lectures is provided by the De Horst Estate in Drieberen between 15:00 and 21:00 hours at the appointed day.

iCademy has a rich tradition with regard to leading guest speakers at the annual edition of this exclusive courses platform for NVOI registered recognized implantologists.

Honourable speakers of the NVOI iCademy are Stephen S. Wallace (2006), Thomas Albrektsson, Pär-Olov Östman and Ann Wennerberg (2007), Tord Berglundh (2008), Ronald Jung (2009), Markus B. Hürzeler (2010), Joseph Tan (2011), Christoph Hämmerle (2012), Domingo Martín (2013), Marco Esposito (2014), Daniel Buser (2015), Dr. Ralph-J. Kohal and Prof. dr. Irena Sailer (2016), Dr. Matteo Chiapasco (2017), Dr. Michael R. Norton (2018) and Ueli Grunder (2019).

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